Lacey Morrison

Founder & Principal Strategist

Lacey is a career communicator who has spent the past decade building communities online. She is a lifelong writer who finds purpose in cultivating connections through both written and visual communications. She began communicating professionally at a time when social media wasn’t expected to be much more than a blip on the radar and now, a decade later, she has helped to build bustling digital communities for everything from the non-profit sector to her own own thriving creative businesses, to most recently the oft-misunderstood mortgage financing industry.

Lacey’s core goal in building The Club is to make the sometimes daunting beast of harnessing social media and online marketing simple for anyone who wants to use it. She will not rest until every mortgage single mortgage professional in the country feels empowered to show up as themselves on and offline, create a personal brand that makes them feel like the rockstar they are, and watching mortgage leads roll in as a result! Sure, it’s a big ask – but we dream big around here.

The Mortgage Broker Social Team

Allison Swanson

Mortgage Strategy & Copywriting Lead

Allison’s brilliance is the perfect pairing to Lacey’s – where Lace’s creativity is rooted in words, Allison’s is rooted in the numbers. She is a strategic wizard whose mortgage practice thrives on creating both short and long-term plans for each and every client to thrive how they envision via real estate. A seasoned real estate investor herself, she knows the market inside out – an expertise that not only makes her an incredible broker but also brings an unmatched depth of knowledge to The Club.

But her creativity doesn’t stop at strategy – far from it. Allison also has an enviable eye for design. From her own interior projects to the content she painstakingly creates for The Club, her clean and modern aesthetic is an asset to everything she touches.

Ava Baldwin

Design & Client Branding Coordinator

Ava joined The Club in an entry-level administrative capacity and quickly demonstrated that her creative mind and eye for beautiful design would make her an invaluable member of the team in a much larger capacity.

Being a budding graphic designer and resident Canva expert is not what makes Ava the perfect candidate for supporting clients in the creation of their social media brand visuals and online brand voice, however. No, her brilliance in this role can mostly be attributed to her innate ability to see the most wonderful and beautiful parts of everyone she meets and translate that into a visual landscape that draws the type of admiration each member deserves.

Tanya Young

Video Content & Influence Expert

Having been a successful professional influencer for nearly a decade, Tan is a rare gem who possesses a level of understanding of the social marketing sphere that only a select few truly understand. But as her family and life have grown and transitioned, she has begun to pivot her career path and, rather than solely creating content of her own, apply her expertise to supporting other creators from all industries and perspectives to grow and thrive online.

We are strong advocates for video content creation around here, and Tan carries the core responsibility of not just supporting Elite members in their video creation but ensuring that our team is always at the forefront of the latest trends and technology in both the video and social media optimization spaces.

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